My Ode to You, Wonder Women

I never admired Wonder Woman

Not because she is a female but because of what she represents

The ideal that one woman stands as a champion above them all

Wonder Woman may have strength comparable to Greek myths but she pales in comparison to what I see everyday

I’ve heard the songs dedicated to women that fail to emphasize what I see

That woman are more than pretty eyes and thick thighs

“Picking Flowers” by Trash Riot

More than full lips and slender hips

More than protruding chests and ample breasts

When I look at a woman I see the very embodiment of greatness

I see a person that constantly has to endure sexualization thrust upon her by an ignorant society

I see a person that does thrice the work for a quarter of the recognition and yet continues to press on

I see a never-faltering pillar still standing, not in spite of the opposition thrown against her, but because of it

Yes Ladies, you do run the world

You are ALL Wonder Women and do not ever let a man tell you otherwise

Do not ever let a man define your self-worth

Do not ever let a man shield you from the truth that you are a goddess amongst peasants

Do not ever let a man cast a doubt in your head that a glass ceiling exists

The glass ceiling is a construct developed by men on the backs of women because alone, men could never hope to reach those same heights

Redefine what society likes to emphasize about you

Let your eyes show more than desire but the power you hold in your hands

Let your full lips speak that power into existence and command the attention of all within earshot

Let your chest stand out and your heads hold high as you reward the world with your presence

Because that, ladies, is what makes you beautiful

Behind every powerful man is a powerful woman that allowed him to share in her power

Us as men need fictitious characters and iconic idols to aspire to

But you, women, do not need such handholding because you are already phenomenal

I find Wonder Woman to be invalid because she is fictional and singular

We already live in a world abundant with Wonder Women


Responses to “My Ode to You, Wonder Women”

  1. Alex

    I love your blog Isabelle

    1. isorozco

      Thank you ♥️

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