8 minutes and 46 seconds

Floyd: “I can’t breath, my face… Just get up.” More labored breathing. Chauvin, visibly annoyed, responds: “What do you want?” Floyd insists more loudly: “I can’t breath! Please, your knee in my neck.” Minutes pass Chauvin: “Well, get up and get in the car, man!” Floyd: “I can’t move!” Chauvin repeats the command.  Floyd: “Mama—Continue reading “8 minutes and 46 seconds”

Brasília, Brazil

Picture a description of Brave New World: A brief reference to the Hatchery itself — a “squat” building of “only thirty-four stories” — also gives a sense of the surrounding landscape, a city, by implication, of lofty heights.  That was the eerie impression I received from Brasília, the capital of Brazil. Founded in 1960, theContinue reading “Brasília, Brazil”

Toribío, Colombia 

As many may already know (thank you novelas that overshadow the much more abundant history of Colombia), the Colombian drug war has been anything but “cool.” The violence is often embellished in the latest trending Netflix series, stuffed with rad tactics, and incredibly action-packed scenes. But in reality, the war has truly been a divisive tragedyContinue reading “Toribío, Colombia “