Beauty and the Beast movie review


When I was an itty bitty girl I had very few toys that I truly treasured. Like any child, my toys were often tossed and honestly took severe abuse. But this Happy Meal toy, made out of hard plastic and many choking hazards, was of Belle. She wore her famous mesmerizing yellow dress, with her meticulously yet effortless hairstyle, and if you pushed down her right arm she would sing. I loved her and even to this day, I can remember the contagious tune.

For many, if not millions of children, Disney movies and tales hold a very unique and special place in our memories and hearts. And unlike many companies, entertainment sectors, and or franchises, Disney films evoke a wide range of emotions that are understood and interpreted personally by all age groups, genders, and races. I mean, who doesn’t love a Disney movie?

When the most recent human adaptation of the beloved Beauty and the Beast was announced many were… skeptical. Granted, how can anyone dare meddle with a classic. Even more preposterous attempt to make it, better? With adaptations, I believe there will always be the fear of staining it, of never being able to develop the film nearly as prominent as its predecessor.

Slowly the cast was released, and with each passing actress and actor, there was more hope for the film succeeding, or even (if I dare say) surpassing the animated classic.

Present time.

I watched it.

La La Land Movie Review


Pre-premiere expectations: I simply cannot contain my excitement. At this point, after having waited months, I have pretty much-forced anyone with eyes to watch the trailer (even my 2-year-old cousin, who by the way seemed enthralled and showed a hint of enthusiasm). I’ve watched the trailer so excessively I can quote them line for line, accompanied by the acting performed. And honestly, I wish all I were expressing were an immense aggrandization, but I really have become highly obsessive and increasingly impatient for December 15th. Question is, why am so I unhealthily “in love?” Here are three reasons why I believe La La Land will be the film of the year: