La La Land Movie Review


Pre-premiere expectations: I simply cannot contain my excitement. At this point, after having waited months, I have pretty much-forced anyone with eyes to watch the trailer (even my 2-year-old cousin, who by the way seemed enthralled and showed a hint of enthusiasm). I’ve watched the trailer so excessively I can quote them line for line, accompanied by the acting performed. And honestly, I wish all I were expressing were an immense aggrandization, but I really have become highly obsessive and increasingly impatient for December 15th. Question is, why am so I unhealthily “in love?” Here are three reasons why I believe La La Land will be the film of the year:

  1.  Damien Chazelle. With his novel ideas and stupendous creativity, the film director has shown viewers his sprouting potential for more. His creation of Whiplash (an intense relationship between a music professor and his student) rapidly placed him in viewing eye. It is also important to note “Whiplash” had 132 nominations and won THREE Oscars. Just three. No biggie.
  2.  The cinematography of the trailer alone is enchanting. The color scheme ranges from bright poppy scenes to dazzling glittery dancing ensembles, both constantly bathed by an effervescent bluish tonality. The scenes are beautifully stitched together by Justin Hurwitz musical compositions, evoking envy for being just a simple viewer and not a performer.
  3.  Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s on-screen romance. And if you haven’t witnessed their strong connection, I recommend watching “Crazy Stupid Love” and “Gangster Squad.” Their dynamic simultaneously ignites craving and awe, and I speak for all viewers.

Post-watching: I currently type this review while listening to Justin Hurwitz’s “Planetarium,” which can only be minimally described as an emotive ballad of all things that are beautiful. I have never ever, if I can recount all of the films I’ve watched in my relatively short life, been so easily swept off my feet by anything. And I mean this in the most unexaggerated way possible. The movie was ineffable, for lack of not being able to find the appropriate positive word available in the English language. It was incredible, delightful, engaging, humorous, charming, lovely, bewitching, moving, touching, powerful, and most importantly, nothing like you’ve ever seen before: 

  1. Thank you, Damien Chazelle. I thank you for allowing me to see musicals in a different light. For making me a fan of such an exasperatingly annoying genre, instantaneously. I fell in love easily, with the cast, the music (Justin Hurwitz, shout out to you), choreography, DIALOGUE, and cinematography. I know you don’t need my minuscule blessings or praise, but you’ve truly made it. In the most marvelous and magnificent way. Not only have you managed to reinvent musicals, while maintaining the classic Hollywood touch, you created a unique plot exposing and highlighting the importance of dreaming and chasing those “pipedreams” so many of us bury and forget. So, in such few words, I thank you. 
  2. The cinematography. One word: WOW! The palette consisted of strong accentuated primary colors. Your essential ROYGBIV. Such a simple yet alluring choice. Although I couldn’t help but notice minor similarities with the color choice to that of Wes Anderson’s pastel choices, your options were exclusive. Simultaneously, the glamour and glint of Hollywood was present but with a twinge of modern day costume design (so envious of Emma Stone’s outfits!) sprinkled with those lively hues. 
  3. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s final scene. 

Honestly, just watch it for the final scene. How many stars out of 5? 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Hands down the best movie of the year. 

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