It's National Wine Day!The older we get the less prevalent gifts are. Even the pair of socks we despised receiving when we were children are a glorious gift nowadays. Yet, my parents being the incredibly considerate (and slightly spoil me…) people they are, always intend on giving me something on my name day. Touching, I know. This year, as I have been doing for the past 5-6 years, I asked for nothing. I don’t need anything materialistic, I have all that I want and need, so please don’t buy me anything. 

Mom: “Okay, what about a class?”

Me: *my ears perk up* (my mom has a knack for finding underground art courses that are wildly enriching and fuel my creativity), “I’m listening…”Enter the various courses offered by the Smithsonian, year round. Also enter an old film camera I bought on a whim years ago, because I had $100 in my pocket and my materialistic lifestyle was at full throttle back then. Mind you, this is a 1970’s camera, which I was forewarned about potentially not working, with an abundantly speckled lens that slightly impedes ever hitting the critical focus, a challenge that is. 

Anyways, I will rant about my love for photography, the courses I’ve taken etc. some other time. For now, I introduce: Faces. During the current film course I have been taking, I have expanded, improved, and found my photographic niche: humans. Through my hobby and blog, I present the many faces that surround me, with a potential excerpt or piece on how I view them. All photographs are taken and developed by me. Last but not least, I welcome criticism aaand well enjoy 🙂 



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