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Ever since the naïve age of 12, my mother instilled in me the importance of taking care of my face. My mother, ahead of her time, wanted to avoid her daughter from developing dark spots and acne craters she was often plagued by. And so it became routine, every night and every morning. 

A slight bragging moment here: I never went through a ferocious acne phase, which can be attributed to good genes or my skin care routine. Although what I lacked in awkward facial anomalies, I made up with my never growing body frame (my 5th-grade graduation t-shirt still fits, only a bit snug under my armpits). 

During sleep-overs, I was always known to wash my face before going to bed, it was just a habit. And if it weren’t for the early age miraculous three step process (foam cleanser, toner, moisturizer), I probably would have incorporated the routine too late in the game. Needless to say, I’ve had a few minor inconsistencies with my face:

  • The pesky pimple that sprouts without warning in the same spot every few times a year, never at a convenient time
  • The foreboding blackheads tucked around the crevice of your nose and cheeks

most perplexing of all…. dryness

The story of the sudden dryness goes something like this:

I returned from a trip, in which I slacked off a bit on my usual routine. Upon my arrival, D.C. decided to have 20+ mph winds, of which I had not prepared for. And then began the itching. Itch under my chin, itch on my cheeks, itch itch itch. I tried everything I knew to combat my ever swelling face. Vaseline, different organic products, hydrocortisone. Then I blamed the foods my body was reacting to, what had I just added to my diet that caused my skin to rupture with rosy pink blotches and flaky patches? This went on for two weeks until I decided my last chance was to visit Sephora. Oh boy. I tend to avoid beauty stores because, like any product junkie, I can splurge a little much on the unnecessary. I geared up to spend hundreds and walked in with my evident problem. 

Sales associate: “Your skin is reacting to the harsh weather, you need deep conditioning.”

And in walks in the hero of my short but potentially common story. 

Now, take it as you may, propaganda etc. (I ain’t getting paid for this, I promise), but this cream is the ideal weapon to combat dryness. I dutifully exfoliated, applied a hydrating serum, and generously layered the creamy night mask. After using it twice a week, for a week, my face resumed its usual glow and moisture. Itchiness? Gone. Patches? Gone. I was so relieved and content, I began recommending it to everyone who mildly complained of their skin. Just a few things that further enamored me:

  1. I wasn’t allergic to it. My face tends to react aggressively to many products, hence I stay put to a few brands
  2. I have a sense of smell that is often compared to that of a pregnant woman’s, but the scent was very faint and fresh
  3. Cheap! I originally purchased it for $20, but now it’s $10

Additionally, the hyaluronic acid it contains is described as

“Hyaluronic acid can enhance moisture content beyond comparison with anything else, and at the same time revitalize skin’s outer layers so they look and feel softer, smoother, and, especially, radiantly hydrated! That’s how it instantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” 

So if ever you find yourself in a spell of dryness, or a skin rut, I recommend this cream if all fails. This product has truly earned its throne in my arsenal of creams and oils. 



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