Here I stand amongst the greatest thinkers of the world 

The Ivy Leagues 

How lucky can I be

Surrounded by the elite, willing to work with me 

To take me to another level

I could finally let my wildest thoughts escape this vessel 

To compete with anyone and take them down 

I’d be standing on the highest ground

Soon the formalities began to fade 

No longer did anyone care about my day 

The sweat dripped down and met my blood 

How could anyone bear this much? 

With my last breath I present my results 

Only to be met with backhanded insults 

Your results are poor 

You must work more 

They push

They prod

They prey

On your willingness to do as they say 

They break you down, make no mistake 

They take your energy ’til you turn gray


Enough is enough! 

I can’t take any more of this stuff 

I’ve got to get unstuck

With a sigh of relief I seek reprieve 

Maybe I wasn’t worthy of the leagues 

Or maybe the leagues were never worthy ofme 

-submittedby Anonymous



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