A night at the Opera

Recently I went to a Plácido Domingo concert which in case you’re wondering is an Opera concert. I went for two reasons, it was free and my mum persuaded (read forced) me to go. While I’m not a true fan of the opera, I certainly enjoyed the show.

Anyway, something interesting happened that I want to write about.

Among the opera singers was one black woman. I later find out her name is Angel Joy Blue (that’s actually her real name btw). When she first walked across the stage to sing, a white woman sat in front of me snickered to the man beside her “What’s she doing here?”

Well, it didn’t take long to find out.

The lights dimmed and she began to sing. Her voice, rich and deep, rang out in front of an audience of over 10’000 people. I, like many people in the audience, was absorbed in her performance. She took us on an emotional journey. Her voice was soft and tender when it needed to be, strong and commanding in the right spaces. The most notable thing though, was the smile plastered on her face as she sang. It was clear that she was enjoying herself on that stage. It was clear she was supposed to be on that stage. As she sang the last sweet note, the lights came back up and the audience burst into loud applause.

The same woman who first questioned Angel when she came out, was there whistling, whooping and cheering loudly for her.

Maybe I’m reading too far into it but the incident taught me something.

Whatever it is you are passionate about, whatever is your calling, go into the world and pursue it vigorously. You will come across critics, people who doubt you and your talent. As long as you do what you have to do, as long as you pursue your passion, the same critics who doubted you will be there cheering you on.

Don’t give up!

                                                                            -written by Nana Kennedy Kwofie

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