We’re fighting dogs

And you say you’re a feminist because deep inside it feels right. It seems like a noble cause to fight for and Beyoncé is one so why not? You do your research, you read a few books, you listen to others’ opinions and eventually, you construct your own opinion and take a stand in this war for women’s rights.

But then you start to hear stories. Stories of women for whom feminism is not just a way to show they’re educated. It’s what keeps them alive. When you hear of a sister being raped. When you hear of a sister living in fear. When you hear of a sister too afraid to report what he did. Too tired to go at war with the one who penetrated the most intimate part of her body while she was screaming, begging for him to stop. Too tired to go at war with the one who refused to hear her prayers. Prayers for more air in the room, more strength in her arms, less dick in herself. Too tired to go to war with the one who broke into her, leaving behind him blood and sperm on her genitals, tears on her face and absolute disgust for herself in her mind… that’s when.

That’s when you realize that this is not a human war. We’re fighting dogs sister, we’re fighting dogs.

                                                                    -written by Betty

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