This past August I had the unexpected pleasure of visiting Edinburgh. Although I was only stopping by for a few days, those few days were enough to add it to one my top favorite cities. At the risk of sounding cliché, I couldn’t help think how magical it all was. I was surprised how greatly I appreciated the gothic architecture, graying with age and crawling with history. I use surprised because I have a tendency for enjoying lighter colors or brights pops of hues, but the eclectic dark assortments of Edinburgh changed my mind, almost immediately. And the people consisted of university students, foreigners, and diversity of accents from errywhere. If ever you have the chance to visit, I HIGHLY recommend it. 




thank you friend 🌹


A night at the Opera

Recently I went to a Plácido Domingo concert which in case you’re wondering is an Opera concert. I went for two reasons, it was free and my mum persuaded (read forced) me to go. While I’m not a true fan of the opera, I certainly enjoyed the show.

Anyway, something interesting happened that I want to write about.

Among the opera singers was one black woman. I later find out her name is Angel Joy Blue (that’s actually her real name btw). When she first walked across the stage to sing, a white woman sat in front of me snickered to the man beside her “What’s she doing here?”

Well, it didn’t take long to find out.