In bed: The kiss by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec


What happened to us?

Why do you seem to have left me during a

time where I need you the most?

I chase after a presence that is always around

I go to extremes in search of you but alas you

are absent.

I crave your relentless nature.

I have become addicted to your predictable

brand of unpredictability.

I cannot move on from your warm embrace

despite how cold you have become.

I yearn for the roller coasters we rode together.

The devastating valleys and the euphoric


I miss being wrapped in your knots and

entrance by your butterflies.

How you distorted time around me.

How seconds became days.

How days became decades.

Your passion embedded itself in my person

and I glowed from its presence within me.

When everyone abandoned you, I held on and

stood steadfast.

When all deserted you in search of more immediate gains, I believed in you.

I will weave between waves of woe and

scavenge through skies of sorrow in order to

reunite with you.

Because you are both my most thrilling

companion and calamitous foe

                                                             –written by Jason Rodrigues

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