Dear White People Review

It is no secret our social, political, and even environmental climate (see what I did there?) has been under severe division as of late. You can blame it on many happenings in the past months, to resurface long awaited conflicts of race, gender, and the rights of many that are “different” from your average AmericanContinue reading “Dear White People Review”

Ta-Ku // Songs to break up to // Songs to make-up to

02/05/17 – 12 pm – Paris, France Here it is, Sunday night. The few hours left until I go back to work are quickly vanishing. I could use these precious hours to sleep. Tomorrow I take a plane at 7 am. Meaning that at 5:30, I’ll be toasting bread in my kitchen. I’ll be backContinue reading “Ta-Ku // Songs to break up to // Songs to make-up to”

“Just Kids” book review

They were glorious, beautiful souls destined to find each other to overcome the hardships of youth and growth. They encouraged each other constantly, with an important lack of jealousy. And in many ways they were perfect for each other, as lovers and finally as friends. They were Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe.  “Patti Smith andContinue reading ““Just Kids” book review”

La La Land Movie Review

Pre-premiere expectations: I simply cannot contain my excitement. At this point, after having waited months, I have pretty much-forced anyone with eyes to watch the trailer (even my 2-year-old cousin, who by the way seemed enthralled and showed a hint of enthusiasm). I’ve watched the trailer so excessively I can quote them line for line,Continue reading “La La Land Movie Review”