It’s time to have “the talk” A few weeks ago, Procter & Gamble released a “controversial” commercial on having the race talk. The video, full of emotive scenes and realities, depicts throughout the decades the obstacles and lessons Black parents have had to express to their children, even to this day. The main lesson being taught?Continue reading

Thought #9: Bush, no bush, your choice

I received my first bikini wax when I was 16, when I was young, naive, and easily corrupted. My teenage-hood wasn’t one that caused my parents headaches or involved nightly escapades to drink beer acquired from bums outside the local 7/11. I was relatively calm, confused, and enthralled by things most teenagers paid no mindContinue reading “Thought #9: Bush, no bush, your choice”

Evolving Hopeless Romantic

For as long as I’ve been on this earth, I have been a hopeless romantic, and the worst kind too. My entire teenage-hood was enveloped in countless imaginative encounters with “The One” and quite literally running off to be happily together. In my mind, there wasn’t anything love couldn’t resolve or mend. And it wasContinue reading “Evolving Hopeless Romantic”

Thought #6: What about the children?

Amidst the violence, the discussions, arguments, town hall meetings, and conferences we often forget them. The children. Our future. I ask myself every time there’s a conflict between the grown-ups. What about the children? Is anyone thinking about them? I keep asking myself as I see scenes on the news of men “recruiting” children toContinue reading “Thought #6: What about the children?”