Why aren’t there more male muses?

I dabble in the arts and I look for inspiration in everything. Well, almost everything. I’ve been painting since I was thirteen, and my tendency has been to draw women; women in nature, portraits of women, and women in different settings of life. 

Image by: Maira Brudereau

Lately, I’ve wanted to explore the other side of the coin and draw men. So I’ve been looking for a muse. A male muse. Strange perhaps, but let me explain. 

A muse is a person — typically a woman — who is a source of artistic inspiration. We’ve seen examples since the dawn of time of men looking at women and wanting to (pro)create. Picasso is one of many male artists who has had muses, women he desired and who fueled his creativity. However, we rarely hear about female artists and their muses. Which begs the question can men be a source of artistic inspiration for women?

I say HELL YEAH, I’ve (Instagram stalked) seen my fair share of men who have inspired my desire to (pro)create. So what’s up with the disparity in muses?