Thought #1: Communicating Feelings

Growing up in a typical Asian family where feelings, emotions, and affections are rarely expressed and everything is bottled up, had a negative effect on me. Most of the time, you know the affections are there, but you never get to experience them fully nor hear them described to you in words (and words are powerful). As a result, I always find it very difficult to show my feelings and I come off as cold or shady to people who are not close to me. Communicating my feelings became a skill I acquired in college, through interacting with diverse groups of people who have taught me a great deal, simply by watching them.

Displaying emotions can be viewed as a weakness in many societies, but it also can be a strength. Living in a place where two worlds collide, emotionally stern Asian family and expressive American society, has molded me into a unique individual. I’ve become somewhat expressive about my feelings after college but also emotionally constrained in certain circumstances. I rarely show my anger to the world, even during grave rage. It takes a very skilled and incredibly patient person to maintain that type of composure when angry or enraged. 

                – written by Eh Klay Klay 


I have a sickness…

Image from Tumblr 

The sort of illness that keeps me awake well into the wee hours of the morning. How accustomed I’ve become to see the dark blue of the sky turn to a fresh morning, teeming with morning dew and chirping birds. Everyone awakening, while I, barely shut-eye for an hour. I have an ailment that completely encompasses my every thought, no matter how grandiose or minuscule a thought may be. I have a malady that gives me anxiety, the sort you create based on unrealistic happenings and creations.

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