👗”Do you guys ever think about dying?”🎀

I don’t usually succumb to kitschy trends, but the Barbie universe really hit home. As a kid, I had one too many Barbie dolls and all the tiny accessories that lasted about a week. I didn’t grow up with the Dream House or a convertible, but every Christmas, I remained hopeful. I’m not entirely sure what appealed to me about the glittery pink world, but I sure as hell know the dolls were crucial in my preteen curiosity about sex. Turns out I wasn’t the only one. And yes, the Barbie universe has been ripe with sexism (duh), racism, and pretty much any other -ism you can think of, but it’s been on its path to redemption (hello, Greta Gerwig). So, in the spirit of enjoying this newer, more inclusive Barbie world (yay progress!), I’m sharing with you my wonder-filled Barbie month. 

Oh yes, a Barbie-q party took place (thank you, NPR, for the idea). Even though the heat was suffocatingly dangerous and last-minute set changes occurred, it was as sparkly ✨and kitschy 💖 as you’d imagine. It was themed, and I’m proud to say the costumes were on point. Proud of y’all. 

And if for some cuckoo reason you’ve yet to experience the wonder of the Barbie movie, let me excitedly convey just how remarkably it transformed into a bona fide cult classic. While the Barbie doll itself may be a childhood delight, the movie caters to a mature audience, igniting a whirlwind of emotions through its captivating blend of drama and comedy. Its narrative delves into profound, almost philosophical realms, ensuring that every frame is a thought-provoking journey into the heart and soul of storytelling. That may sound cheesy, but it’s truly a marvelous piece of art.


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