The “first” post

Welcome to yet another blog that you may or may not have willingly signed up to read. Either way, thanks for joining, and here are some photographs shot by me to invite you to stay just a little longer: 

I’ll be honest: I wanted to jump on this bandwagon of trendy blogs (revamping mine, in truth) for quite some time now, and even have an abundance of topics to write about, but my mental space was just not there. And even though this blog has existed for awhile now, it took me even longer to reasses my expectations and manage them. How do you know when you’re ready to start or re-start a new endeavor and fully believe that you’ll devote the time and thoughtfulness that’s required? For me, there’s truly no right or wrong answer or even an immediate certitude that switches on like a lightbulb. The thought of learning a new hobby or going on an adventure of sorts starts with a tiny seed that just sits in the back of my mind, living rent-free. With time, I may revisit it or shelve it away for good. If the right stimulation kicks in, I nourish it and watch it grow. 

I tend to get overly excited over the most minor things, confidently overcommit, and frequently don’t see it through (yes, it’s a big flaw of mine). But with age, I’ve learned to cherish that side of me. I imagine it keeps me youthful and I even have a term for it: hunger for life. Gradually I’ve added barriers to that zipping excitement and even a few resting points to slow me down and let me marinate on a zooming idea. 

Again, how do I know if I’m ready to commit? First step: Making the time. And not the slot of time that’s sandwiched between errands and self-care. I’m talking about the kind of time you would imagine a white-haired philosopher to have, strolling casually by a glittering pond contemplating their surroundings and letting their minds drift and possibly settle on a particular thought. The idea of giving thoughts the patience to carefully unravel them, delicately with light fingers, making sure nothing goes unmissed or snags, is truly thrilling. It’s the type of pondering time, that in this day and age, is almost frowned upon because it doesn’t visibly seem “productive.” 

Second step: Being assertive with my no’s:

  • “No, I will not join you on yet another brunch.” 
  • “No, I will not add this extra errand that can wait to be done another day,
    • But rather, I’ll sit in my living room and just type.”

And lastly, invigorating my brain. Also, with age, a disappointing demotion of creativity occurs… perhaps life becomes more weighted and exhausting, and with that also comes the snipping away of creative edges. In fact, in this constant game of life, we’re quick to give up on rewarding effortful tasks, to make space for less fruitful activities that give us instantaneous gratification. So, part of committing to this blog also means feeding my soul with surrounding art, and reminding myself the best things in life take effort. 

I hope I stick with this, and I ask that you keep me accountable, it helps. What can you expect from this ✨updated✨ blog? 

  • Menstrual health— oh boy, will you be seeing a lot of that 
  • Mental health 
  • Facial care 
  • Creative pieces, e.g. a lot of photography 
  • Rants, duh, isn’t that what blogs are about? 
  • Styling, both home and fashion 
  • And human rights (see how I fit that in with lighter topics?)
  • Also social justice discussions, because although human rights and   social justice overlap in a lot of ways, they have their differences too

I’m not a scientist or a journalist but apart from being a perfectionist and having irrationally high expectations of myself, I can promise you I will share only deeply researched material because we don’t need any more misinformation. Without further ado, welcome (again) to las antologías.

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  1. Nubia Vergara

    👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Welcome back !!

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