Hello but not goodbye

August was the last time I posted something. And now in November, after many months of transitioning, I feel it is time to resurge my blog. 

I have thought about my next step, my next post or topic. But despite the ever seemingly increase of tragedies and social issues, I haven’t found anything to delve in… perhaps this is writer’s block…? Should I consider myself a writer simply because I have a blog?

But a wise person, in close proximity of me (my mom) suggested I just write. Even if it’s an insignificant blurb of my endless mind rants. 

Here are a few questions I am thinking of right now: 

  1. Are all Trump supporters the same? In terms of ideals, is it possible to support a man who defends one topic of your interest but aggressively attacks many other groups? (Genuine curiosity)
  2. Why is it so hard to believe science? Why why whyyyy.
  3. I hate the generated recording and clinical environment of the new metro trains.
  4. Speaking of metros… how will Amazon truly impact the entire DMV area?
  5. Speaking of Amazon, how large of an impact did Chico Mendes have in protecting the Amazon?

And that’s how my mind works on a day to day basis 🙃

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