Faces: Mexico

As I continue on my trip, which has been both a constant thrill and a gargantuan challenge, I have planned to improve one of my hobbies/interest/skill very dear to my person: photography. And though nowadays it seems that anyone with an apt camera device can be a photographer, I certainly believe it takes more than just pointing, shooting, and filter. For countless years I have more than enjoyed capturing images and through those years I have certainly developed a style, composition, and a color palette preference. Therefore, right this minute, I believe it is the time I proclaim myself a photographer (how strange to actually express the title). Before my trip, I began this series, with the purpose of showing the world the faces that come and go around me. To further expand my street photography interest, I present to you, the many Faces of Mexico. 

Post-earthquake a few friends and I visited nearby towns in Morelos. Here, I capture a sincere smile to a passing boy who was more than ecstatic for juice. 
Recounting his personal earthquake experience.

A brave woman in Xochimilco running her floating restaurant. And she cooked everything, from tacos to full plates of mole with rice and chicken. 

Post lunch gossip sesh. 

The following images are of the beautiful people who later became my friends. Thank you all for the wonderful experiences <3











And an even greater thank you to this siiiick dude for giving me your time, silly jokes, and comfy bed. 

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