Thought #7: BE: v. intransitive: to exist, to have a reality

You were much taller than me, much much taller (disclaimer: surpassing my height is barely a feat). I remember lying in bed with you, splayed out like starfish because your air conditioning wasn’t working. Lying side by side, talking about some existential theory and our avaricious human behaviors.

We chatted,


and inquired.

Thought #6: What about the children?

Amidst the violence, the discussions, arguments, town hall meetings, and conferences we often forget them. The children. Our future.

I ask myself every time there’s a conflict between the grown-ups. What about the children? Is anyone thinking about them? I keep asking myself as I see scenes on the news of men “recruiting” children to battle their fights. Does anyone hear their silent pleas? I inquire as I listen to stories of orphaned infants.

This question began when the conflict in Syria erupted. I remember sunbathing during a lazy summer week, casually skimming through a magazine and stumbling upon an article about the “Lost Generation.” Lost? How?: